Secret Millionaire, Jonas and Hilary

Secret Millionaire, Jonas and Hilary

Hilary DeCesare

I wasn’t expecting to have a real connection with an 8 year old. I think Jonas is a wake up call for all of us.

Hilary DeCesare is a co-founder and CEO of, the leading social media site devoted to giving kids under 13 a safe place online to connect with friends and express their creativity without fear of bullying, inappropriate conversations or stalkers. As a recognized expert in child and parent safety online, Hilary was invited to The White House Conference on Bullying Prevention in 2011 and taught kids about Internet safety through Tweenangels, a division of WiredSafety. After a personal battle with cancer, Hilary felt a need to find ways to give back, Hilary used her expertise and state of the art technology to launch Shortly thereafter, she launched EverGive to support charities devoted to youth. She also serves on the board of directors for the Max Cure Foundation, dedicated to finding medical cures that save children’s lives.

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