Love in the Mirror began with the love of Jonas, a 6 year old boy who wanted to help kids that were less fortunate than him by giving them things he felt no child should live without. The idea grew into a non-profit organization that strives to meet the needs of disadvantaged youth, while at the same time, kids like Jonas can gain the ability to develop self-esteem and learn great leadership skills. With the support of dedicated adults, these kids can grow into great community leaders and feel good about themselves while they offer those in need necessities like clothes, toiletries, learning materials, toys and a chance to be happy so they can look in the mirror and love what they see.

Every child should look in the mirror and love what they see” Jonas Corona, age 6


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  1. Hi All,

    You are a Godsend for helping homeless people live improved lives with more encourage ment and hope.

    Meet too. I am the author of The side of Homelessness. A companion gratitude guide book for overcoming homelessness. God bless you and yours always!

    With Love,

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