“G.I.V.E. Logo”

What is G.I.V.E.?

“Grow, Inspire, Volunteer, and Educate” or “G.I.V.E.” is an online show where the host (Jonas Corona) the creator of Love In The Mirror talks informs the viewer how he/she can help out and do good in their community. The program

discusses topics such as Homelessness and poverty, Pollution on your streets and how to deal with it, and he talks about how anybody can GIVE back in their community.

How you can help out?

To help the show grow, it would mean a lot to donate and make a HUGE difference on the quality and content we put out!


How do I watch it?

To watch our lovely show you can go to this link here which takes you to the Love In The Mirror YouTube Channel and from there you can see all our episodes.

Love In The Mirror YouTube