Recognizing No More Poverty and Everloop and Reggae For A Reason

At Love in the Mirror we have been blessed to receive assistance from many individuals and organizations that believe in the projects of our young founder. We wanted to take a moment to share more about these supportive organizations so that you can learn why they are so dear to our hearts. Not only have they donated much need funds to our organization, they have also dedicated their time and resources to help promote Love in the Mirror.

No More Poverty

No More Poverty was founded by brothers Julian Omidi and Dr. Michael Omidi to help nonprofits that focus on alleviating the suffering experienced by so many caught in the grip of poverty. While their initial focus was to support charities in and around Los Angeles, they have since branched out to support dozens and dozens of organizations and projects around the world and are even currently helping to fund and staff medical missions to the Philippines with their Operations for Hope program. We are honored that we were one of the first organizations that NMP chose to support and continue to receive assistance from them.



Everloop offers children under the age of 13 an online social homebase that is safer. By providing children with the opportunity to connect through pictures, games, messaging, and more online in an environment that can be trusted it is possible to protect against issues such as bullying and inappropriate information and language. Everloop additionally partners with leading innovators to provide child-focused entertainment as well as top-shelf educational activities. In today’s age of social technology it is important to have someone that can provide a safe place for our children and we are grateful not only that Everloop offers this hub, but also that they have chosen to support our efforts as well.


Reggae For A Reason

Reggae For A Reason is a non-profit organization founded by renowned reggae musician, composer and producer, Fully Fullwood.  Fullwood has traveled the world throughout his career and has seen much poverty and homelessness.  Fullwood says, “I’ve visited many places in my life.  When I was in Haiti, I was walking with tears in my eyes seeing kids and other people begging for food.  It hurt and made me think is this how the world is supposed to be?”  He was also horrified when he discovered that the same conditions exist for children in the United States, specifically in Orange County, Calif., one of the richest counties in the nation. Reggae For A Reason have continuously supported children in need throughout Orange County and continue to support Love in the Mirror’s efforts each month.


We hope you will support these organizations as they have supported us. Learn more about them today and make sure that you keep checking back for more updates from Love in the Mirror.